Dream Menders

Mending the American Dream

Mission Statement    — April 16, 2015
About Dream Menders —

About Dream Menders

Mending the American dream
Mending the American dream

We are a grassroots community group based in San Jose, California that is dedicated to educating and calling citizens to act on urgent political issues, like ending the corrupting influence of big money on our laws.

We bring speakers from multiple affiliated groups to educate the community and provide opportunities for taking action.

Past Dream Menders Events: —

Past Dream Menders Events:

womens-march-san-jose-1Women’s March. Dream Menders joined 40,000 progressives to march from City Hall to Cesar Chavez Park in San Jose.

Jobs not Cuts Rally at San Jose City Hall: Ten speakers, including two members of Congress. Over 260 people in attendance. We got media coverage from The San Jose Mercury News, 2 local television stations and California Reports on KQED radio. Twelve community organizations provided opportunities for taking action.

Money out of Politics Forum at SJSU: Five speakers from various organizations working to get big money out of politics. The represented organizations offered opportunities for taking action.

California Proposition 30 and 32 rally to support schools and ordinary working people. Held at San Jose City Hall with local leaders like Cindy Chavez, Jim Beall, and Shawn Bagesly speaking.   Turnout of around 100 people.

Dream Mender Movie Showings:

  • Inequality For All at Peace and Justice Center. 2 showings with 30 people per showing.   In conjunction with Common Cause and Green Party.
  • Pay 2 Play at Peace and Justice Center. 2 showings with 20-30 people per showing. In conjunction with Common Cause and Green Party.
  • The United States of ALEC. Private house party with 20 people.